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05 Nov 2016


Not only have I been fortunate enough to go to the Guinot salon on a weekly basis leading up to my wedding (read my full review of the salon here) – I have kindly been supplied (or rather, subscribed by my therapist) some rather amazing products; all of which has been tailored to my particular facial needs. I have been super happy with the products, and have seen such a difference when using them combined with the salon treatments.

Read on for my daily beauty routine using the Guinot products!



My Daily Beauty Routine


1. In the morning I cleanse with the Bioxygene Cleansing Foam – which is just amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft and not stripped dry (one of the initial issues they commented on with my skin).

2. I remove the remains of my eye-make with the Demaquillant Express Yeux, which is really light and thoroughly removes everything off (even waterproof make-up).

3. Then I use the Hydra Fraicheur Toner – which leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft; you would be surprised how much residue is left on still after cleansing – this toner makes my skin feels so fresh afterwards.

5. I then finish off with one of my favourites – the Hydra Cellulaire Serum. It’s a creamy consistency and silky smooth, sinking straight in without leaving any oily residue or shininess.

*Optional, when neeeded:

6. As the serum is so nourishing, they advise me that I don’t necessarily need any extra moisturiser (also due to the warmer season) – however, I am conscious of always wearing SPF during the warmer months, so I am reccomended the Creme Solaire Hydrante SPF 20 – which I have been really happy with, it sinks straight in without leaving my face with any white film marks. 


1. I do the cleanse, removal of the make-up and toner again, then after patting my skin dry, I gently apply the Time Logic Eye Serum around my eyes – which is in a soft gel consistency, leaving this more sensitive area feeling very smooth. I then finish off with the serum (I love that it works for both night and day).

2. Twice a week I use the Gommage Biologique – which is a ‘peeling’ facial, and also one of my favourites! It’s in a stiff gel consistency, which liquifies and turns into oil after circular motions on my face – my skin is glowing afterwards. I then alternate between the Masque Hydra Beaute (cream consistency) facial treatment and Masque Essential Nutrition Confort (clay consistency) – both excellent masks leaving my skin feeling radiant, clean and super moisturised.

3. Then when it’s bed time, I finish off with the Longue Vie Mains for my hands, leaving them so soft!



Without a shadow of doubt – my skin has never looked this good. Since moving to the city, I have suffered from dry patches, red blotches and generally dull and tired skin. Since going to the Guinot Salon (read my full review here), I have received so many compliments for my skin, most mentionably that is looks so fresh and clear! All my dry patches have just about disappeared, and since using the above products alongside the treatments, I have noticed maximum effect.

I could not have been happier with the end result! 

Check out Guinot’s product ranges here.